Carpet Stretching Service in Atlanta, GA

Is your carpet looking old and worn? Does it have unsightly wrinkles or ripples? If so, you may need carpet stretching. Carpet stretching is a process that tightens and straightens your carpet, making it look and feel new again.  Call the professionals at Best Services, Inc, for carpet stretching. We serve homes within a 50-mile radius of downtown Atlanta, GA.

When Do You Need a Carpet Stretching Service?

Loose spots in your carpet can prove ugly, inconvenient, and hazardous. A carpet should normally span evenly across your floor. When properly installed, a carpet stretches tight so that there are no gaps between it and the padding below. However, improper installation of either the carpet itself or the underlying padding can create ripples or wrinkles across your floor.

Instead of taking on the cost of replacing your carpet entirely, call Best Services, Inc, for professional carpet stretching. We’ll allow you to continue using your existing carpet while enjoying even footing in your home.

With nearly 30 years in service and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we have what it takes to provide you with service you can trust. We can handle a wide variety of carpeting issues and provide a lifetime warranty with our carpet stretching service. For a free estimate, fill out our contact form.

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