Carpet Stretching

Are you tired of lumps, bumps, and ripples in your carpet?

Best Services, Inc. Can Help By Having Your Carpet Stretched Professionally!

Not only are those lumps, bumps, and ripples in your carpet unsightly, but they can also pose a serious risk of falling. All it takes is one call to Best Services, and we can fix those lumps, bumps, and ripples in your carpet and give you a lifetime warranty.

We Can Fix Your Wrinkled Carpet

The carpet can loosen and need to be re-stretched for several reasons. Usually, the carpet was not installed properly during the installation process. Other factors include wrong padding installed (low-quality padding can cause wrinkles, new home construction (new home builders cut corners to save time and money, and using subcontractors to install carpets that do not follow carpet manufacturer guidelines for carpet installation).

Why Carpet Stretching?

Carpet stretching is vital to most carpet repair processes. Here are reasons to trust the carpet stretching professionals at Best Services:

Affordability, Long Term Repair Savings

Prevent Carpet Accidents

Extend Carpet Life

Better Indoor Air Quality

Enhance Carpet Appearance

Stretched Carpet Cleans More Easier

Don’t Delay – Call Today!!

Carpet Stretching Will Increase The Life Of Your Carpet.

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Trust Us For The Best Carpet Stretching In Atlanta

Best Services employs only professional and experienced technicians to do carpet stretching tasks. Best Services uses a power stretcher for all carpet re-stretching jobs. As a result, our power stretcher produces a much tighter fit than using a knee kicker. We provide a permanent fix and leave you with a lifetime warranty. For all your carpet repair needs, rely on Best Services. To learn more about our services, call 770-438-9442 or complete our contact form.

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